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We can help you on your journey into a healthy home with our pathway to ownership programmes.

Shared ownership programme

We work with our housing partners to help Māori own their own home by offering shared ownership programmes in our housing projects. Under shared ownership, we help share the cost and ownership of buying a home, and then help whānau work towards full ownership.

Here is an example of how shared ownership could work.

  • Tane & Aroha are interested in buying their first home under the programme. They have a combined household income of $85,000 and have been saving for 5 years. Together with KiwiSaver Homestart grants, they have a deposit of $70,000
  • Based on Tane & Aroha’s combined income, they have been assessed and:
    • they can afford mortgage repayments of $490 / week (30% of gross income)…
    • which (at bank mortgage rates at the time) equated to a bank loan of $430,000
  • Combining the above affordable bank loan ($430,000) and deposit ($70,000), Tane & Aroha are short $200,000 to afford to buy the new home
  • Te Tumu Kāinga agrees to top up this shortfall under the shared ownership programme to assist Tane & Aroha acquire and start living in their new home. We agree not to charge any interest on its share of the house.
  • We then work with and support Tane & Aroha to develop a plan to achieve full ownership and pay back Te Tumu Kāinga’s share over time.

Specific eligibility criteria apply for each housing project. Find out about shared ownership opportunities for each of the housing projects we invest in.