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Who does Te Tumu Kāinga help?

Te Tumu Kāinga was established to exclusively help Māori access healthy and affordable housing.

How can Te Tumu Kāinga help me towards home ownership?

We work with our housing partners across Aotearoa New Zealand to invest in housing projects and pathway to ownership programmes to help Māori whanau the opportunity to buy a home.

Please see our housing projects and pathway to ownership for more information.

Where are the housing projects?

At present we’re working with our housing partners on housing projects in South Auckland and Taranaki.

To find out more, see our housing projects.

Who do I contact to find out more about these projects?

Details of who to contact for each of our housing projects can be found here.

What pathway to ownership programmes do you offer?

At present, with our housing partners we are offering Māori whānau the opportunity to buy a home from our housing projects under shared ownership.

How does shared ownership work?

Shared ownership is like if your parents were helping you out with your deposit and agree to share the cost and ownership of your home. We help Māori whānau access a home by sharing the cost and ownership, then we work with whānau to support them progress to full ownership.  

Find out how Shared Ownership works.

How do I apply for shared ownership programmes?

Details of how to apply for shared ownership, where applicable, are provided under each of our housing projects.

How do I find out if I am eligible for shared ownership?

Shared ownership is designed for whānau needing a step-up into home ownership, who otherwise don’t meet bank lending criteria on their own.

Specific criteria apply for shared ownership, including minimum deposit and income requirements. These criteria are specific for each housing project. Please refer to the relevant housing project for further details.